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FutoIn project has started as an answer to constant demand for a reusable, secure, scalable and easy to learn API framework.

FutoIn concept and reference implementations are clearly different from hundreds of cloned Hype Driven solutions. The ultimate goal is to provide a concept which equally suits web, embedded and even human interaction.

FutoIn is Open Source and free to use. However, we provide training and consulting.


Magically Automated

CodingFuture provides a turnkey solution for Development and Deployment of projects.

Unlike plenty of alternatives, CodingFuture IT automation is a consistent integrated system. It provides a production-ready infrastructure state without much configuration or customization needed. For best experience, we provide competent system administration services.



Establishment of development teams in spirit of best practices regardless of technologies used.

CodingFuture helps startups to compete with well established business in target market. Our efforts have brought nowadays industry leaders to success.

CodingFuture can help your business to establish and train cost-effective development teams. The team can be: co-located with the business, separated in remote office in other countries or completely distributed across the Globe.



Since year 2006, CodingFuture has been providing outsource development services for non-standard cases requiring advanced project architecture, cost-effective implementation and deployment.

However, we value our life time and carefully select projects for which we wish to allocate significant time and efforts.


User base includes:

Note: some of the users depend on core CodingFuture technology which is being positioned under client's brand.

CodingFuture is present in:

room European Union
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room Belarus
room Caribbean Region

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