CodingFuture - Plug & Play IT infrastructure automation with paranoid security in mind for internet business:

  1. Scales from a single VM to highly available clusters in different data centers,
  2. Paranoid on security with isolation at every level.
  3. Perfectly covers deployment and security of host systems for virtualization and container deployment on top.
  4. Also provides efficient secure facilities for application deployment without container overhead - fits best small scale and tailored solutions.

Holistic Picture


Overall philosophy is to auto-configure everything based on centralized knowledge of whole infrastructure. All hardware resources are automatically distributed based on individual weights and limits of services. The level of fine auto-adjusting error-proof configuration is not achievable by human.

Another key principal is to allow auto-configuration tuning and easy manual interventions in analysis and disaster recovery.

The third key principal is continuous self-testing in runtime. See below.

Plug & Play IT infrastructure

It is a scalable IT solution which fits a single VM and a large High Available cluster.

  • Completely OpenSource: https://github.com/codingfuture

  • Based on Puppet® 4+

  • Sub-projects:

    • cfnetwork - resource-based network interface and firewall configuration

      • cffirehol - FireHOL generator
      • cfvpn - cross-site secure VPN configuration
      • cfdns - master DNS zone management
    • cfauth - system access security
    • cfsystem - bare minimal production system regardless of its purpose
    • cfdb - universal multi-instance multi-type database setup with cgroup runtime isolation
    • cfweb - all-in-one setup of web and application servers

    • cflogsink - centralized logging
    • cfmetrics - centralized monitoring
    • cfpuppetserver - alternative PuppetServer & PuppetDB setup
    • cftotalcontrol - parallel SSH-based control of all hosts from single place
    • cfstorage - management of local and remote block devices and filesystems
    • cfvirthost - virtualization host-specific configuration
    • cfbackup - backup & restore management
    • cfipa - identity management for organization
    • cfmail - private mail system
    • cfcontainers - container hosting

Testing approach

First of all, there is a concept of automatic self-testing in deployment. If anything is not working as expected administrator gets and immediate warning or transition error.

If anything is too complex then it’s a separate project out of Puppet® module scope. A good example is FutoIn CID: Continuous Integration & Delivery tool.

Help & Support

Please use GitHub issue tracker of Helpdesk repository for public questions.

For commercial support and security bug reports, please send emails to support@codingfuture.net .

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