A copy of project README as is from: https://github.com/codingfuture/puppet-cfauth



Generic configuration of system security:

  • Update SSH config and strip unused features
  • Enable only SSHv2 public key authentication
  • Enable SSH login only for members of ssh_access group
  • Create special user for admin access
  • Setup encrypted admin password
  • Setup sudoers
  • Harden /bin/su to allow access only from wheel group
  • Configure firewall for SSH access only from whitelisted hosts

Technical Support


Up to date installation instructions are available in Puppet Forge: https://forge.puppet.com/codingfuture/cfauth

Please use librarian-puppet or cfpuppetserver module to deal with dependencies.

There is a known r10k issue RK-3 which prevents automatic dependencies of dependencies installation.


Please check codingufuture/puppet-test for example of a complete infrastructure configuration and Vagrant provisioning.

Implicitly created resources

        server: prefix(any2array($cfauth::sshd_ports), 'tcp/')
        src: 'ipset:cfauth_admin'
        type: net
        addr: $cfauth::admin_hosts
        dynamic: true
        type: net
        addr: 'ipset:cfauth_admin'

cfauth parameters

  • admin_auth_keys - mandatory required list of allowed SSH public keys in format of suitable for create_resources(ssh_authorized_key, $admin_auth_keys, { user => $admin_user, type => 'ssh-rsa' }).
  • admin_user = 'adminaccess' - setup non-root user for SSH access capable of sudo
  • admin_password = undef - encrypted password for root and $admin_user, if set Note: use the following command for generation mkpasswd -m sha-512
  • admin_hosts = undef - passed as src paramter to cfnetwork::service_port
  • sudo_no_password_all = false - allow sudo for $admin_user without password. See below.
  • sudo_no_password_commands = []` - optional list of commands which are allowed to run without password
  • sudo_env_keep = [] - optional list of environment variables allowed to be preserved in sudo
  • sudo_entries = {} - optional resources of type cfauth::sudoentry
  • clear_sudoers = true - clear unmanaged /etc/sudoers.d
  • custom_sudoers = [] - arbitrary lines to add to global sudoers file
  • sshd_ports = '22',
  • sshd_config_template = 'cfauth/sshd_config.epp',
  • secure_path = [<system default>] - array of global trusted paths
  • ssh_max_startups = 10 - parameter for SSH MaxStartups
  • freeipa = undef - optional FreeIPA client support:

    • server - FreeIPA server address,
    • domain - FreeIPA domain,
    • groups - FreeIPA groups to allow SSH access.

sudo_no_password_all purpose

Enabling it is useful for bulk administration of less privileged VMs.

Even if password is required, the following commands can be run without password:

  • /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/bin/puppet agent --test - deploy puppet
  • /usr/bin/apt-get update - update apt repository metadata
  • /usr/bin/apt-get dist-upgrade - run system upgrade with optional parameter, like -s -y (for simulation( and -y (for install)
  • /usr/bin/apt-get autoremove - run automatic unusued package remove
  • /usr/sbin/cfntpdate - force run pre-configured ntpdate from cfsystem module

The following environment variables are allowed in sudo by default:


cfauth::sudoentry type

  • title - name of file under ‘/etc/sudoers.d’
  • command = [] - command to allow to execute without password

    • String or Array of Strings
  • env_keep = [] - list of environment variables for env_keep
  • user = $cfauth::admin_user - user for the entry
  • custom_config = [] - arbitrary lines to add

SFTP only users

A standalone cfauth::sftp class has to be included.

All users are created with sftp_ prefix. Their home folders are located under $cfauth::sftp::root/home. All users are chrooted under $cfauth::sftp::root/chroot/%u. Each use has data folder under chroot - the default selected.

Note: if disk quota is configured then filesystem must be mounted by any type of user quota support.

cfauth::sftp class

  • root = '/mnt/sftp' - root for SFTP location.
  • users = {} - cfauth::sftp::user definitions

cfauth::sftp::user type

  • name - name of user without sftp_ prefix.
  • auth_keys = {} - definition of SSH authentication keys.
  • user_hosts = [] - list of SSH-accepted IP addresses to allow access from.
  • block_limit = undef - passed to setquota hard block limit
  • inode_limit = undef - passed to setquota hard inode limit