All feature-complete CodingFuture software is OpenSource. You may use it according to related license (Apache-2.0 in most cases). However, we provide competent commercial services.

The pricing policy is based on economy and added value CodingFuture can provide to your business.

Free Startup Small Medium Large Enterprise
Physical Servers any 1 1 3 10 over 10
VMs any 3 10 30 100 over 100
Public cf-modules
High Availability up to you - -
Custom modules up to you - - - Negotiable
Administration on your own
Co-administration N/A - - - Negotiable
Public Helpdesk
Email Support -
Phone Support - - -
24x7x365 Support - - - -
Team Coaching Negotiable Negotiable Negotiable Negotiable
Monthly Charge Free 300 EUR 0.5x RWS 1x RWS 2x RWS Negotiable
Minimal Contract N/A 12 months 12 months 6 months 6 months Negotiable

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  1. RWS - Regular Worker Salary including related taxes for DevOps/IT Admin/SW Developer in your company.
  2. High Availability - in scope CodingFuture module features.
  3. Administration - is limited to initial deployment and ensuring operation of CodingFuture functionality.
  4. Co-administration - full administration access is provided only to competent employees of your company.